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Sunday @ 10:15am

Wednesday @ 6:30pm


8 Batavia City Centre
Batavia, New York 14020


Relaxed and casual for
all ages and families

Our Father in Heaven Hallowed be Your name. Your Kingdom come Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Mathew 6:9-10

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EFFChurch Eagles Fountain Fellowship shared Elevation Worship's photo. ...

We're only a couple months away from Elevating Haiti - a night of worship that you won't want to miss! Grab your tickets now. All proceeds go to restoration in Haiti.

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TRUTH, truth is we will have good days we will have bad days and we will have even worse days. This also goes for our spiritual walk we will have those type of days but we need to encourage ourselves that this is the truth. So if you're not having a good day and somebody ask you how are you don't tell them I'm good be truthful tell them I'm having a rough day. BECAUSE THAT'S THE TRUTH. And you never know that person just might have the encouraging word that you needed to hear or the gentle touch that you needed to feel or the hug that inspires you to continue on. So remember there is no shame in TELLING THE TRUTH!!!! ...

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"How Deep Is Your Well"
In a season of drought will your well sustain you? Will you be able to water others?
Join us Sunday 10:15 @EFFChurch
8 City Centre Batavia

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Wishing you the best today from your friends and family @EFFChurch, many blessings! ...

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EFFChurch Eagles Fountain Fellowship added a new photo. ...

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